UC International Staff

The University of Cincinnati has more than 30 staff members dedicated to various aspects of internationalization for the university. Find a professional to help you with:

International Planning Staff

General Inquiries

Headshot of Dr. Raj Mehta

Dr. Raj Mehta

Vice Provost for International Affairs


Headshot of Geneva Miller

Geneva Miller

Associate to the Vice Provost


Headshot of Jenni Kim Sutmoller

Jenni Kim Sutmoller

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Headshot of Neil Ayres

Neil Ayres

Executive Director, International Research Programs and Engagement


Headshot of Natalie Ochmann

Natalie Ochmann

Associate Director, Marketing + Publications


Headshot of Kathleen Hornstra

Kathleen Hornstra

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Headshot of Joan Luebering

Joan Luebering

Unit Operations Coordinator


Headshot of John Salter

John Salter

Business Administrator


Headshot of Christine Timney

Christine Timney

Financial Administrator


Study Abroad Staff

General Inquiries

Headshot of Dr. Anne Sheridan Fugard

Dr. Anne Sheridan Fugard

Director of Study Abroad


Headshot of Ryan Meyer

Ryan Meyer

Associate Director


Ryan works with long-term students in CCM and DAAP.

Headshot of Thomas Stevenson-Shannon

Thomas Stevenson-Shannon

Assistant Director


Thomas works with faculty-led programs.

Headshot of Angela Livengood

Angela Livengood

Assistant Director


Angela works with long-term students in A+S, CECH, CAHS, Clermont, Blue Ash, Medicine and Pharmacy.

Headshot of Ashley Chang

Ashley Chang

Study Abroad Advisor

Headshot of Seynabou Dieye

Seynabou Dieye

Study Abroad Advisor

International Admissions Staff

General Inquiries

Headshot of Dr. Jon Weller

Dr. Jon Weller


Headshot of Jason Chambers

Jason Chambers

Associate Director

Specialty: Transfer Students

Headshot of Rebecca Hale

Rebecca Hale

Senior Academic Advisor

Accelerated College English (ACE) Program Advisor

Headshot of Hannah Girman

Hannah Girman

Assistant Director

Specialty: International Agents & Graduate Admissions Liaison Territory: Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia, East Asia, and Pakistan

Headshot of Seth Higginbotham

Seth Higginbotham

Program Coordinator

Territory: Brazil

Headshot of Linn Hykkerud

Linn Hykkerud

Admissions Counselor

Territory: Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and International students located in the U.S.A.

Headshot of Kathy "KK" Kelley

Kathy "KK" Kelley

Admissions Counselor

Headshot of Stacy Woodbridge

Stacy Woodbridge

Admissions Counselor

Territory: Central Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa

International Services Staff

General Inquiries

Headshot of Ron Cushing

Ron Cushing

Director, International Services


Office operations and policies

Headshot of James Tenney

James Tenney

Associate Director, International Services


Primary tax advisor, primary guest speaker advisor, J-1 advising

Headshot of Jenn Kutzko

Jenn Kutzko

Senior Advisor, International Services


Primary student advisor

Headshot of Rebecca Jewell

Rebecca Jewell

Advisor, International Services


Student advisor, transfer advisor, Curricular Practical Training advisor

Headshot of Tabetha Maly

Tabetha Maly

Advisor, International Services


Exchange and visiting student advising

Headshot of Sarah O'Connell

Sarah O'Connell

Immigration Services Advisor, International Services


H-1B and permanent resident advising

Headshot of Andrea Siouris

Andrea Siouris

Senior HR Coordinator, International Services


Onboarding and check-in advising

Headshot of Lauren Steinmann

Lauren Steinmann

Assistant Director, International Services


Primary student advisor

Headshot of Christy Harrison

Christy Harrison

Assistant Director, International Services


H-1B and permanent resident advising

Headshot of Jane Robbe

Jane Robbe

Senior Immigration Services Advisor, International Services


H-1B and permanent resident advising

Headshot of Lorri Blanton

Lorri Blanton

Assistant Director, International Services


Special events and programs

Headshot of Katie Doxtader

Katie Doxtader

Program Coordinator, International Services


Special events and programs

Headshot of Kelly Plazibat

Kelly Plazibat

Program Coordinator (Academic Support), International Services


First year experiences

Headshot of Scott Eblin

Scott Eblin

Business Systems Analyst, International Services

Headshot of Ashley Albrinck

Ashley Albrinck

Advisor, International Services


Primary student advisor