UC International Staff

The University of Cincinnati has more than 30 staff members dedicated to various aspects of internationalization for the university.

International Admissions

International Admissions handles international undergraduate admissions inquiries and helps coordinate global admissions processes for many graduate programs.

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Study Abroad

International Programs supports students, faculty and staff throughout their international travel by facilitating safe and impactful global programs.

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International Services

International Services welcomes our international students and scholars at UC, ensuring they have the resources to comply with government regulations and thrive academically/professionally.

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International Planning

International Planning leads UC's global engagement efforts by coordinating international collaborations and supporting the work of all UC International staff.

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Headshot of Dr. Raj Mehta

Dr. Raj Mehta

Vice Provost for International Affairs


Headshot of Geneva Miller

Geneva Miller

Associate to the Vice Provost


International Strategic Partnerships

Headshot of Jenni Kim Sutmoller

Jenni Kim Sutmoller

Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships


Headshot of Rebecca Meurer

Rebecca Meurer

Assistant Director, International Strategic Partnerships


Headshot of Neil Ayres

Neil Ayres

Executive Director, International Research Programs and Engagement


Marketing + Communications

Headshot of Natalie Ochmann

Natalie Ochmann

Associate Director, Marketing + Publications


Headshot of Kathleen Hornstra

Kathleen Hornstra

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Headshot of Joan Luebering

Joan Luebering

Unit Operations Coordinator


Business + Financial Administration

Headshot of John Salter

John Salter

Business Administrator Sr.


Headshot of Christine Timney

Christine Timney

Financial Administrator 2