Hiring and Employment

Professionals from around the world work at UC - almost 1,000 scholars every single year!

UC International Services assists with the hiring process for all international workers to ensure compliance with US government processes and visa classifications.

Each visa status comes with its own rules and regulations that you will need to be aware of when hiring and working with international faculty, staff and students.

Hiring International Faculty & Staff

UC International helps departments understand the policies and procedures of hiring international faculty and staff. Virtually every search draws some international applicants: students completing US degrees, individuals working elsewhere in the US or candidates from abroad.

University policy requires that departments process all immigration applications and petitions through UC International. A unit may not relinquish UC control of visa sponsorship to an outside attorney.

Departments can hire international employees under a variety of visa statuses. If we do not have specific information about a potential employee's visa status, email our office for further guidance

Applying for a UC Position

All UC positions are posted on jobs.uc.edu

If you are a foreign national and want to apply to work at UC, make sure you understand the rules, regulations and processes related to your current visa status, or a status for which you will apply.

Hiring International Students

International students can work on campus under proper circumstances. Their primary objective in the United States is to study, so their on-campus jobs cannot consume more than 20 hours per week, typically.

If you want to hire an international student, it helps to know more about the options and requirements based on their visa type. Most international students in the US are on an F-1 student visa or a J-1 exchange visa. Our Bearcats Landing intranet site explains hiring information for these two visa categories.

If you are hiring a student on a different status, contact UC International Services.