Global Partners

The University of Cincinnati collaborates with institutions around the globe in support of our mutual educational and research missions.

In our interconnected world, we strive to enact our central value of transformative excellence.

We bring together talented people of diverse international backgrounds to enrich ideas, experiences and outcomes for all. We ready our students to thrive in a global culture and a borderless workplace. Through research and service, we address problems of our local community and the broader world.

Strong global relationships that cross the borders of countries, cultures, academic disciplines and private and public interests will help the world meet the complex challenges we face.

Dr. Raj Mehta Vice Provost for International Affairs

Global Partnership Database

UC International tracks our global agreements and relationships through an international activity database. You can explore many aspects of UC's international profile using its filters and search tools.

If you have questions, contact our director of international strategic partnerships

Collaborate with UC

UC works with institutions worldwide in collaborations ranging from individual faculty connections to comprehensive, long-term strategic partnerships. Through research cooperation, programmatic ties, mentoring relationships and innovative virtual initiatives, we are able to change the world both locally and globally.  

If you or your institution is interested in exploring partnership with the University of Cincinnati, contact UC International Planning.