Travel Resources and Policies

The University of Cincinnati has a number of policies directly related to international travel and expenses for faculty, staff and students.

The Office of Central Travel Resources at UC has a wealth of tools and resources for international travel. Additionally, UC International weighs in on some university policies regarding international travel, especially surrounding study abroad.


From planning a trip abroad to documenting your expenses on return, you will need to know UC's various policies concerning international travel.

Faculty & Staff Travel

Student Travel

International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC)

UC’s International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) works in partnership with UC International was established to develop procedures and provide guidance related to matters of international health, safety and study abroad risk as it relates to UC student travel abroad.

  • Todd Beekley - Associate Director, Risk Management
  • Xan Boone - Associate Professor, School of Social Work, College of Allied Health Sciences
  • Debbie Brawn - Administrative Director, University Honors Program
  • Anne Sheridan Fugard - Executive Director, UC International Programs
  • Thomas Glass - Associate General Counsel
  • Jeffrey Kastner - Assistant Professor, College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Charles H. Matthews - Distinguished Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship
    and Strategy, Lindner College of Business
  • Kate York - Director of Global Health Nursing, College of Nursing

This committee is called together when a petition is submitted. No regular meetings are scheduled.

Please contact to discuss the process for your proposed travel.

  • Students traveling without a faculty or staff leader must individually submit a travel petition. 
  • Faculty or staff leading a group of students must complete a request on behalf of the entire group.