2022-2023 Annual Report

In 2020, Vice Provost for International Affairs Raj Mehta told students, staff and partners saddened by the loss of many cherished plans due to the pandemic that “Work of the heart never disappears.”

This year, UC International dedicated its own hard work to the continued resurgence of international education at the University of Cincinnati, supporting the transformative dreams of our students and the world-changing work of our faculty and staff.

  • We welcomed UC’s largest international class ever. Students came in numbers that surged beyond all pre-pandemic enrollments and that surpassed even last year’s record intake following the 2021 lift of travel bans.
  • We oversaw the return of large-scale study abroad. Faculty redesigned and led dozens of programs, moving forward from a year of successful pilot programs and individual travel in 2021-22.
  • We continued to revitalize the university’s strategic international partnerships, working to advance UC’s Next Lives Here and Research2030 initiatives globally.
Work of the heart never disappears.

Raj Mehta Vice Provost for International Affairs

International Students

A record-smashing 4,251 international students joined UC's record-breaking fall class of 2022.

The cohort of 1,547 new international students topped the pre-COVID peak of 1,107 in 2018. Their numbers eclipsed (+26.4%) even the multi-year intake of 2021, when a backlog of students who had deferred their enrollment or begun their studies online from home during the pandemic finally arrived in Cincinnati.

UC reported its highest international enrollment ever to the National Center for Education Statistics:  4,251, or more than 9% of our student population.

  • Including students on OPT (Optional Practical Training), UC reported a total international population of 5,346 to Open Doors. That number is up 19% from 2021.
  • Graduate students led the surge, continuing to outnumber undergraduates at UC roughly 2:1, compared to national averages where graduates outnumbered undergraduates for the first time.
  • Almost 2/3 of the new students and more than half of all UC’s international students are from India.

International students by degree level, fall 2023
  number of enrolled students
Undergraduate 1,325
Master's 2,371
Doctoral 925
Total 4,621

UC welcomes largest global class ever

November 18, 2022

UC welcomed its largest-ever international class this fall. The enrollment of 1,547 new students tops the pre-COVID peak of 1,107 in 2018. It eclipses even the arrival of 1,224 in fall 2021 who included among their number a backlog of students who had deferred their enrollment or begun their studies online from home during the pandemic.


‘Somos familia’

April 26, 2023

“Somos familia” means “we are family,” and students from throughout the Latinx community are building family, finding success and continuing a legacy at UC.

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Study Abroad

Nearly 1,300 UC students studied abroad in 2022-23, a return to three-quarters of the numbers who studied internationally pre-COVID.

The opportunity for international education was especially vital for a generation of students whose education went remote during the pandemic. Study abroad connected them beyond the classroom to prepare them for a future that is more than ever global.

UC’s signature model of faculty-led study abroad programs integrated into specific courses returned strongly. Over 70% of study abroad participants traveled with faculty-led groups in 2022-23.

Such international opportunities integrated into students' degree and career plans are a vital component of the University of Cincinnati’s Next Lives Here promise of experiential learning for all students, regardless of their program of study.

Study abroad participation, 2022-23
Faculty-led Exchange External / Third-Party Co-op / Internship Total
912 94 203 86 1,295
Comparison, 2021-22 to 2022-23
  2021-22 2022-23
Faculty-led 57 (3 programs) 912 (54 programs)
Exchange Programs 60 94
External Programs 193 203
Co-op / Internship 41 86

With UC, you see the world

September 19, 2023

Study abroad is back to 75% of pre-COVID levels at the University of Cincinnati, and a wide variety of international study options is available to students in any program. Where do you see yourself in the world?


Greetings, grace and gratitude

July 25, 2023

A team of UC students, faculty, staff and supporters traveled to East Africa for a service-learning trip across three villages in Tanzania. They returned to campus with a transformational cultural experience and lessons that last a lifetime.


Study abroad gives UC Nursing students a global perspective

August 4, 2023

Study abroad at the University of Cincinnati College of nursing gives nursing students unusual opportunities to expand their horizons in Thailand, Tanzania and the UK; study abroad participation at UC is back over 3/4 of its pre-COVID peak.

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Global Partnerships

Rebuilding and reconnecting continued with the University of Cincinnati’s key global partners in 2022-23.

Building a small number of these comprehensive and sustainable partnerships allows UC to channel efforts and resources into collaborations that embody our university’s vision of global impact, innovation and inclusion. Such partnerships are more vital than ever. UC International continues to work on new partnership models that embrace articulation agreements, build recruitment pathways, support joint research, incorporate hybrid curricula, and enable travel and exchange.

  • UC International signed a new strategic partnership with the University of Trento this year. The relationship was founded on programmatic connections between our law and engineering schools, with developing plans for long-term student mobility, research collaborations and expansion into additional disciplines.
  • UC was selected to participate in a national delegation to Greece in November 2022 as part of the IAPP (International Academic Partnership Program) sponsored by IIE and the Greek Ministry of Education to encourage academic collaboration between our countries.
  • One of UC’s oldest strategic partners, Future University in Egypt, renewed its affiliation with UC this year. The fall 2022 cohort joining the Joint Co-Op Institute with longtime strategic partner Chongqing University was the largest ever, and the senior class was finally able to travel to UC post-pandemic for the fifth year of its program.
  • In alignment with UC’s Research2030 initiative, the Office of Research funded a dual faculty appointment in the UC International office for an executive director of international research programs and engagement. An undergraduate summer research program for students of our international partner universities was piloted under the collaboration.
  • UC International resumed funding of visiting scholar and international incentive grants for travel to promote collaborations between UC and our strategic partners. The office continued funding for the three pilot International Faculty Fellowships to cultivate faculty expertise and leadership in the university’s global initiatives.
  • And the first cohort of Luchen Scholars from partner universities in Taiwan arrived at UC this fall, funded by a $1.5 million donation from a generous donor.

UC joins historic U.S. academic outreach to Greece

October 31, 2022

The University of Cincinnati will join a historic delegation of U.S. academic institutions on a visit to Greece in November to explore new opportunities for student scholarship in both countries.


UC partners with French university to offer dual degree

June 21, 2023

The University of Cincinnati and the University of Bordeaux renewed the collaborative Aero System Operations graduate degree program between the universities. The extension was announced at the 54th annual Paris-Le Bourget International Aeronautics and Space Show.


UHP Discover goes global

September 6, 2022

For the first time, students from a strategic partner university—Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in Mexico—participated in the UHP Discover summer research program at the University of Cincinnati.

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