A UC International advisor meets with a student.

Supporting Students

When University of Cincinnati students come from and go abroad, supporting their academic and social needs requires a global perspective.

UC International provides training and resources to faculty and staff in support of our international community at UC. 

UC International Services Director Ron Cushing speaks to a group of advisors at a The World Studies Here training.

The World Studies Here Training

UC International offers training to professional staff and faculty to help our growing number of international students feel welcome, comfortable and prepared to succeed.

The training touches on changes in immigration regulations, cultural differences and expectations. The sessions offer strategies to support students as they face unique challenges in their new academic, social and cultural environment. Faculty, advisors and experts on immigration are among the instructors.

The content was developed in collaboration with subject matter experts in departments across campus.

Core Sessions

  • Immigrations Basics
  • Building Cross-cultural Understanding
  • Promising Practices in Working with International Students  

Schedule a Training

UC International can help your office or department arrange a training session that is customized to you or your group. Contact Kelly Plazibat, UC International's international student support specialist, for details.

Students chat with each other around a table in the ESL Conversation group.

Resources for International Students

UC International and many other offices across our campuses provide special assistance for our international students. Students and faculty can contact any of us for help with immigration, academic, language and social needs.

From the moment of recruitment, international students and staff need to navigate many government and institutional rules and regulations. UC International Services provides advising and resources to ensure compliance.

International students need extra help to navigate university systems. Our advisors can provide a wide range of resources on classroom culture and US academic expectations.

Even students who have many years of classroom English find the adjustment to U.S. and college slang a little challenging, on top of learning the specialized vocabulary of their academic discipline. Fortunately, UC has many language resources for international students.

UC International hosts dozens of events—both in-person and virtual—every semester to help international students feel connected to the university community. We also sponsor the IPALs, a student group that welcomes students of all cultures to UC.

Study Abroad Associate Director Ryan Meyer leads a group of advisors on a "Study Abroad for Advisors" travel opportunity to Varazdin, Croatia.

Resources for Study Abroad

Studying and working abroad prepares students for an increasingly global environment. Employers value study abroad experiences in future employees because of the multitude of skills students learn overseas—new languages, resilience, adaptation and more.

The University of Cincinnati has opportunities available for students from every background in every degree program, from one week to an academic year. The key is preparation. As an advisor or faculty member, you can support students who want to go abroad by providing them with resources and planning tools.

Have a different question related to study abroad? Contact our study abroad advisors to get an answer.

Study Abroad for Advisors

Annually, UC International hosts a "Study Abroad for Advisors" program which invites advisors from across campus to participate in a mimicked faculty-led eperience abroad. Through the experience, advisors learn the study abroad process firsthand and get to interact with partner insitutions abroad.

Cohorts also work on follow-up projects that increase access to study abroad around campus. One outcome of the Study Abroad for Advisors program was the UC the World Living/Learning Community.

This program is currently on hold due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.